What We Offer

Our goal at Made by Momma is to offer practical peer-to-peer hands-on support to families that are struggling through a variety of situations.

  • We cook and bake healthy prepared freezer meals and wholesome baked goods for mothers recovering from illness and injury, mothers experiencing situations of adversity and new moms who need some extra support while establishing breastfeeding. We can alter recipes to meet special dietary needs.
  • We provide maternity clothes to pregnant mommas and baby essentials to families that need a hand up. Diapers, wipes, baby gear, kids clothing, toys, books and more…. whatever is needed to raise a child, we will try to provide through our volunteer network. 
  • We can provide in-home assistance while mothers tend to other duties around the house or get much-needed rest. We can also help care for older children while mommas focus on bonding with a new baby. 
  • We have healthy prepared/frozen meals and snacks on the NICU & Pediatric Units at PLC and on the NICU unit at SHC for families who need nourishment while caring for their premature and critically ill babies. There is no cost for this program. #MadeByMomma #MadeWithLove
  • Children living in shelters and low income / crisis situations can be referred for a birthday bag through our program The Happy Birthday Project. We believe every child deserves to feel special and celebrated on their birthday. 
  • Our volunteers can offer a quick house tidy to enable women with special health needs to focus on themselves and their children. We are also fortunate to work with an great company called Crystal Clean Maid Services who donates one professional house clean each month to one of our mothers who might be struggling with severe/debilitating illness.
  • We offer breastfeeding support and encouragement from moms who’ve been there.
  • We offer short-term pet care including feeding, dog walking and cleaning litter boxes to allow mothers to rest or focus on the care of their two-legged children.
  • We have a lending library of new and gently used books and toys for babies and young children to keep them entertained while a parent or sibling is recovering from illness or injury, during difficult circumstances or while mom bonds with a new addition.
  • We are very fortunate to work with Light on Paper Photography who donates photography sessions to the mothers we support that are facing terminal illness.
  • Occasionally we also have knit items, spa/salon services and other indulgences and comfort items to offer depending on what our volunteers and donors are able to provide

    #ItTakesAVillage and Made by Momma is here to help create that village when there isn’t one. 


What We Do NOT Offer

  • We are not professional maids, childcare professionals, counselors, professional chefs or bakers, etc. We are local women offering our time and resources to other women as a no-charge, need-based, peer-to-peer support service.
  • Though some of our volunteers are previous or current breastfeeding mothers, we are not professional lactation consultants, nurses or physicians. Please see the “Resources” pages under the “Get Involved” tab for more information on professional resources in the Calgary area.
  • For liability reasons, we only provide childcare assistance while at least one parent or caregiver remains in the home. We do NOT provide babysitting services when parents are out of the home.