Donations Needed

Given the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and the coronavirus, we are taking extra precautionary measures to safeguard our Made by Momma community.
If you, or someone who shares your home, or someone you have been in contact with, has been feeling sick, especially with a fever, had signs of lower respiratory illness, such as a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or if you have recently returned from out of country travel; please DO NOT bring us donations, or come to the Resource Centre for any reason for a minimum of two weeks.
We require and appreciate your cooperation during these times when we can protect one another and those around us. Our priority is the health and well-being of our community and their families, and the primary focus of these measures is to minimize everyone’s risk of exposure.


Our most needed essentials list:
Baby Diapers – ALL sizes (open packs ok)
Baby Wipes – (new/unopened)
Baby Formula – (new/unopened/not expired)
Baby Food – (new/unopened/not expired)
Baby & Adult Hygiene Items – (new/unopened)
New Toys, Books & Clothing for Birthday & Christmas Gifts – (new/all sizes)
Non-Perishable Food Hamper Items – (new/unopened/not expired)
Gift Cards
(to purchase needed essentials or use for client support)
Financial Donations – (charitable tax receipts provided upon request)
#MBMWishList needed items for current families June 2nd:

Not able to come in person? You can shop any of our On-Line Wishlists and drop-ship donations right to us!

Financial Donations can also be made online, in person or via mail (charitable tax receipts provided upon request)

URGENT donations needed for current clients/resource centre:

– BABY FORMULA – Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Powder Formula (yellow packaging), Goodstart Stage 1 & 2 Formula, Parent’s Choice Formula – Stage 1 & 2, Similac Stage 2, EnfaCare (blue)
– BABY FOOD (jars, pouches, snacks)
– DIAPERS: size preemie, newborn, size 1, 6 and size 7 diapers and 3T/4T BOYS Pull-Ups–
Cribs must be manufactured after 2013, no recalls, be in excellent condition, cleaned, taken apart, include all hardware and instructions – NO DROP-SIDES
Crib Mattresses no stains, no rips, no tears.
SINGLE & DOUBLE newborn strollers – NO UMBRELLA STROLLERS PLEASE – must be good quality, fully functional and clean.
Infant / Bucket Car Seats – Convertible – Stage 2 Car Seats: Car Seats MUST not be within 12 months of expiry, have never been in any kind of accident, have no recalls, have no signs of wear/tear, must be clean and should include the manual if available.
Baby Swings must be in great condition, fully functional, include all parts & pieces and be cleaned / fabric laundered.
– High Chairs must be in great condition, fully functional, include all parts & pieces and be cleaned / fabric laundered – MUST include a safety strap.

– Preemie, Newborn & Baby boy clothes & sleepers
– 0-3 months all the way to size 14/16 baby, kids and teen clothing (boys & girls)
– Kids Toothpaste
– Kids Toothbrushes
– Vitamin D Drops
– Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Wash
– Adult Hygiene (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant etc.)
– Laundry Pods
– Crib Sheets
– Baby Monitors
– Teen / Men’s Clothing

Non-Perishable Food Hamper Items

* Pasta Sauce (prefer cans)
* Rice
* Cereal
* Instant Oatmeal Packs
* Rice / Pasta SideKicks
* Granola / Snack Bars
* Canned Beans
* Peanut Butter
* Jam
* Hearty Soup
* Crackers
* Pasta (dry)
* Canned Fruit
* Kids Packaged Snacks

Donations that are needed ongoing throughout the year:

• Baby Diapers (preemie and up)
• 2T/3T & 4T/5T Pull Ups (boys & girls)
• Baby Wipes

Baby Food & Formula (new, not opened, not expired)
• Enfamil Gentle A+, Enfamil A+, EnfaCare
• Good Start Stage 1 and 2 (powder & ready-to-feed)
• Similac and Similac Advance
• Kirkland Formula
• Baby Cereal
• Baby Snacks

Baby/Kids Hygiene
• Baby Wash & Shampoo
• Diaper Cream
• Baby Lotion
• Kids Toothbrushes
• Baby Toothbrushes
• Vitamin D Drops
• Non-Fluoride Toothpaste (0-12 months)

• Car Seats (newborn) Car Seats MUST not be within 12 months of expiry, have never been in any kind of accident, no recalls, no signs of wear/tear, must be clean, and should include the manual.
• Cribs (must be manufactured after 2013, no recalls, be in excellent condition, cleaned, include all hardware and instructions – NO DROP-SIDES)
• Strollers for NEWBORNS (not umbrella type)
• Breast Pumps (must be fully functional and sanitized)
• Baby Wash Cloths
• Receiving Blankets

Mom Care
• Shampoo & Conditioner
• Body Wash
• Adult Toothbrushes
• Deodorant
• Lotion
• Disposable Razors
• Q-Tips
• Dental Floss

• Baby Sleepers: Preemie & Newborn
Newborn Boy & Girl Clothing
• Boys clothes: Size ALL SIZES
• Girls clothes: Size ALL SIZES

• Paper towels
• Toilet Paper
• Liquid Dish Soap
• Laundry Pods
• Towels (new)
• Gift Cards (Grocery Stores, Department Stores, Gas Cards, Toys-R-Us)
• New Non-Perishable Food Hamper Items (unopened, not expired)

The Happy Birthday Project
• Extra-Large Kids Birthday Gift Bags
• Gifts Cards for teens (i-tunes, mall shop cards, toys-r-us, movie passes etc.)
• Lego – all ages, all types (new)
• NEW Girls & Boys clothing – Sizes 4 – 18
• Powdered Drink Crystals
• Candles
• Solid color streamers
• Solid color tablecloths
• New toys for kids 3+
• New books for kids 6+


  • We do not accept heavily used or outdated items. Please be thoughtful when donating items. It takes a lot of time for our volunteers to sort through donations just to throw it out.
  • Donations must be in excellent condition – no rips, no tears, no signs of wear, no stains.
  • ALL items must be CLEAN. This means car seats, high chairs, strollers, cribs etc. – if it isn’t spotless, we really don’t want it.
  • Clothing must be freshly washed, folded neatly and ideally boxed (we really dislike garbage bags!)
  • Toys must be CLEANED and include ALL pieces and bagged up together if not in the original packaging.
  • If you are donating baby gear we would really appreciate it if you could send along with the instruction booklet. Many of the families we help will NOT know how to use the items you donate without it.
  • Cribs MUST be manufactured AFTER 2012, be in excellent condition, cleaned, include all hardware and instructions. (no drop-sides, no recalls)
  • Crib mattresses must be in excellent condition – no rips, tears or stains will be accepted
  • Car Seats MUST not be within 12 months of expiry, have never been in any kind of accident, no recalls, no signs of wear/tear, must be clean, and should include the manual.
  • Strollers – Gently used are acceptable but they must be clean, fully functional (no broken parts!), and ideally include the manual if available!

NEW Items needed on an ongoing basis:

  • Gift Cards (Grocery, Costco, Gas, Department Store, Home Improvement Stores – so we can purchase needed items)
  • Transit Bus Tickets (youth and adult)
  • Diapers (all sizes – but our greatest need is sizes 4, 5 6,)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Formula (unopened, not expired)
  • Baby Food (unopened, not expired)
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning Supplies (white vinegar too)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Washing Machine Tabs
  • NEW School Supplies
  • NEW Children’s Clothing (2 – 6)
  • NEW Children’s Toys (unwrapped)
  • NEW Towels, Face Cloths, Dish Cloths, Tea Towels
  • Cash Donations are welcome & needed, and those over $20 qualify for a charitable tax receipt.
Other donations that we welcome as requested:
  • New and very gently used baby and children’s clothing (size preemie and up) Clothing must be freshly WASHED & NEATLY FOLDED, ideally in a box, labelled with gender and sizes.
  • New and very gently used baby items (bassinettes, high chairs, bouncy seats, playmats, etc). Items MUST BE CLEAN…please do not give us a high chair with dried food on it. Cribs MUST be manufactured AFTER 2010, not be recalled and include instructions. Car Seats cannot be expired,  have never been in an accident, and an instruction manual must be included.
  • New and very gently used baby and children’s toys and books. Items should be CLEAN and in EXCELLENT condition. If the item works but is in need of new batteries, that is acceptable. We are currently limiting our intake of donated toys to brand new or very gently used/cleaned toys providing ALL of the pieces are together for each toy. Toys must be less than a few years old. Unfortunately, we’ve been inundated with a lot of toys that just are not suitable for donation – they are either broken, missing pieces, dirty or just really old – we don’t accept JUNK – nor do we have the time or resources to sort through items suited for the garbage.
  • Diapers, wipes and other baby care items. Only sealed, unopened items for tubes of cream, ointment etc. please.
  • New or very gently used maternity wear, all sizes. MUST BE FRESHLY LAUNDERED, FOLDED, BOXED, LABELLED.
  • NEW batteries (all sizes) for children’s toys and baby gear
  • Plastic freezer bags, Gladware and Tinfoil type food storage containers for fresh and frozen meals and baked goods
  • Gift cards for groceries, gas, home improvement stores, toy stores, salon services and other goods/services.
Items NOT accepted:
  • Previously loved stuffed animals/plush toy
  • Dirty or Expired Car Seats (or expiring within 12 months)
  • Any baby gear that is not fully functional, or missing parts /pieces or is dirty
  • Household furniture (couches, beds, chairs, etc) and goods (kitchen items, towels, small appliances) unless specifically requested.
  • Heavily worn or soiled clothing, books or toys – We only give items to families that we would be proud to have our own children wear/use.

Please note our donation drop-off days & times here:

Drop Off Locations