NICU Family Meals

We strongly believe that in times of crisis, a healthy nourishing meal can make a world of difference! Having a premature or critically ill baby is frightening and exhausting! The stress can be overwhelming and it takes a toll on every parent. We’re here to help; Prepared Meals & Snacks are available at no cost to families with a baby in the NICU or PEDS unit. We know that when you take care of yourself, you’ll be more rested and better prepared to take care of your baby. We hope that our program will help take some pressure off of parents and allow them to focus on caring for their child and themselves.

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For families that have accessed this program, please let us know the impact it has had on your family! We’d love to hear from you! Please follow this link to our online program evaluation form!

Our NICU Family Meals Program was launched in the spring of 2016 and provided over 1400 healthy meals and snacks to families with critically ill and/or premature babies in the PLC & SHC NICU units in 2016.
In 2017 we expanded this program to include the Pediatric Unit at PLC.
In 2018 we expanded our program once again to include the ACH NICU unit!

  • PLC – Peter Lougheed Centre
  • SHC – South Health Campus
  • NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • PEDS – Pediatric Care Unit
  • ACH – Alberta Children’s Hospital

Program Testimonials:

“I just wanted to send a thank you note from myself, my wife, and our new baby girl, Anna.  Little Anna was born preterm at Peter Lougheed in Calgary while we were visiting from Edmonton.  Being 300 km from home was quite tough.  Initially, we were surviving on hospital cafeteria burgers until the staff at the NICU told us about your organization.  The meals were wonderful!  I had the butter chicken and the beef goulash. We forgot to fill out a comment card during our week in the NICU, so I just wanted to send a note of gratitude.
Thank you again, and all the best!

PS We’re home now, and mom & baby are doing great!” – Father of premature babe

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how great I think your organization is and what a difference even something as small as having frozen meals in the NICU at the hospital makes for my family.” ~ Father of a preemie born at 30 weeks

I would like you to know that the chili my babies parents had yesterday was very appreciated and they said it was very good. They are struggling to make ends meet as they have twins so an extra meal here is awesome! Also the lactation cookies and muffins are also loved by this mom whose milk supply is a little lower than she needs for two babies! Thank the generous people with Made by MOMMA for us!” ~ Unit Nurse at PLC

“My son was premature and required a week long stay in the nicu. Very much a surprise for us as our other child was late. We packed a very quick bag and headed for the hospital. We live over an hour away.
We were incredibly grateful for the freezer meals that were provided during our stay. I don’t know how we would have done without it as my husband had to go home to take care of our son and I did not have a vehicle.
They were not only practical but delicious and nutritious. A nice option as opposed to cafeteria food that often is deep fried.
I can’t say enough good things about this program. It made our stay so much easier and less stressful. I was able to be around for my son and not worrying about leaving him to ensure I ate something.
I sincerely hope this program continues as it truly is an amazing resource for parents who are in a time where they need the support the most.
Please pass along my sincerest thank you to whoever made it possible during our stay.” ~ Momma of a preemie babe

I’d like to take a moment to express the gratitude my wife and I have for the ‘Made by Momma’ meal program.  Our son was born at 34 weeks and 3 days.  He spent 17 days in the NICU before we could bring him home.  Over those 17 days, my wife and I spent as much time as possible by his side.  Access to the Made by Momma meals and food items helped to make our time at the NICU a little more bearable.  The Made by Momma meal program is a blessing to families like ours.” ~ Dad of a preemie babe

“Really appreciated having meals available in the unit. It gave me more time to focus on my son which was priceless. I knew if I had a really busy day I could count on having a made by momma meal. So thankful for this amazing charity. I will be excited to give back to this organization as I think it is very important.” – NICU Family Meals Recipient

“I firstly want to say thank you. The NICU meals saved my husband and I when we were so stressed with our newborn in the hospital. We were living there for weeks!!! My husband and I would both love to volunteer as often and in any way we can. We are good to start as soon as you need us!” – NICU Family Meals Recipient

“I have to thank made by momma, we are currently in hospital with our new son who was born at 33 wks. You have helped elevate a lot of stress worrying about nutritious meals for my other two sons, my husband, and myself. The food is beyond amazing, and we appreciate it very much!!! I can’t say thank you enough!!!” – NICU Family Meals Recipient


In August 2018 we launched our NICU Family Meals Program at the Alberta Children’s Hospital!

In May 2017 we upgraded the PLC NICU freezer to a full size unit to hold more meals for families.

Our MRU Nursing Students – Learning about Community Nursing with us! PLC NICU May 2017

Our third launch – PLC PEDS Unit March 2017

PLC NICU Program Launch July 2016

Our first program launch – June 2016 SHC NICU