We love to hear feedback from our volunteers, the families that we serve and others in the community! If you have comments, suggestions or feedback to share, you are welcome to contact us.

Comments from families we have helped:  

“I was hit by the worst tragedy of my life and this group of young mom’s helped me in ways that I will never be able to thank them. I could not have gotten through a really tough part without them. The kids and I are forever grateful!”

“Just stopping by to say how great this organization is!! I just received a wonderful gift of a freezer full of frozen meals and baked goods. My baby girl and I (with a very, very broken foot), are so very, very thankful for you all and what you do.  ”

“Thank you so much for sending Kelly (volunteer). It’s like having my mom here.  ”

” Those meals we were given last time are unbelievably delicious. The kindness of people just amazes me.”

“I got the delivery today and I wanted to say thank you! It is really great that you are able to offer that kind of a service and we really appreciate it. Thank you again!”

“Thank you so much for your fast response. I feel so blessed that you ladies take so good care of us. I am going through so much stress with lawyer’s appointments, court dates, immigration applications these days, that it is a wonderful relief to come home to a homemade meal, that just needs to be warmed up! You ladies are amazing!”

“Dear Ladies of Made by Momma, I have to apologize that it took me so long but I would like to send out my deepest thanks to all of you for the delicious food and treats that we received. What a joy to sit with a hot cup of tea having one of the wonderful muffins! Thank you for making us feel special and for all the love and passion that  comes with the food you make!”

“Thank you so much for caring for us! Happy Thanksgiving to the whole organization. We are sure thankful for the wonderful help we are receiving through Made by Momma!”

“Thank you so much for the meals that you dropped off today — I’m so grateful!  Please pass along my gratitude to everyone who made things, as well.  It will surely help us out during this time while I’m recovering.  I’m so glad that Made by Momma is here to help!”

“Thank you so much! The meals look delicious! It’s incredible that an organization like this exists and I hope to become one of the volunteers when our life has returned to normal. Or as normal as it’s going to get anyway! Again, thank you so much and pass along thanks to anyone else who was involved in the preparation of these meals for my family.”

“I was really thrilled when I opened the boxes and saw all the items. Wow, it’s a whole lot! I know for sure that I will never shop for baby clothes until 2012! Thank you so much. I tried out the maternity clothes and they fitted perfectly well and I like their sizes because I will wear them till the babies come. It’s so funny that i keep growing out of my clothes every week and its difficult to keep up. Am surprised how you were able to guess my size so well. Right now I know that I will have only a couple of items to worry about which makes me more relaxed. Before now, every moment was spent thinking about how I will go about getting things ready for the twins. The next thing on my agenda is getting a large dresser to accommodate all the clothes and a few other nursery items. I will be visiting some thrift stores later in the week to see if I will see some affordable furniture to buy.Thank you so much and many thanks to everyone that helped in putting all these togather for me.”

“Thank you so much for the lovingly prepared meals!  That is really going to help out!”

“I know without a doubt that had it not been for the volunteers from Made by Momma, I would not have made it through my last term and would not have been able to continue on in my program. Your volunteers are  amazing women and the impact they’ve had on me and my family will last well beyond the completion of this program. Thank you so very, very much!!”

“Your kindness in my life at this time will never be forgotten.”

“I want to thank Made By Momma for the amazing assistance during my difficult time! The freezer full of food has been such a help and the volunteer you sent was amazing! You made a very challenging timein my life much more manageable, and I truly appreciate everything the organization has done for me! Thankfully I am on the path to recovery – I have done 3 full days by myself with the baby now and am finally seeing improvements in my back through physio, chiropractic, and massage. It has been prettyintense, but at least I have my beautiful baby to focus on and amazing people in the community like everyone at Made By Momma! I am loving being a mom and I would love to volunteer with Made By Momma to help other new mom’s who may be in similar situations to mine once I am on my feet! I will be in touch as soon  as I am able to volunteer! Thanks again!”

“I am currently a full-time student and single parent with 3 year old twins. I made the decision to return to school to change my trade as the job I had required me to travel frequently. This past January, I began my second term of a two year program. I did not anticipate the increased workload and found myself struggling within the first two weeks, my grades were already showing approximately a twenty percent drop. I was losing more and more sleep trying to study at night after my twins were in bed. My stress level was increasing and the amount of sleep I was getting was decreasing, which was exhausting and I quickly became overwhelmed. I had only lived in the city for a year, so support and resources were limited. That is when I heard of Made by Momma, when a resource center coordinator did a internet search. I contacted them and they found a volunteer to help me with my twins so I could study. This granted me the opportunity to keep up with my study load, maintain my grades, and use my time at night to get the sleep I desperately needed. I am now just finishing my third term, and about to start a year on practicum. I know without a doubt that had it not been for the volunteer from Made by Momma, I would not have made it thru last term and would not have been able to continue on in my program. The volunteer is an amazing woman named Michelle and the impact she has had on me and my family will last well beyond the completion of this program. Thank you so very, very much!!”

Comments from our volunteers:

“A wonderful group of women getting together for an ever greater cause!”

“This group has been a great way to develop a strong support network for ourselves and our families while, at the same time, providing support to others who are facing difficult situations. This is how communities are made and how forever friendships with like-minded women and families are built.”

“Made by Momma has given me an opportunity to become engaged in community initiatives which I believe in and can relate to. I am excited to continue my involvement with Made by Momma.”

“I have seen firsthand, the difference Made by Momma has made in peoples’ lives.  What a fantastic organization!” TM

“ I love Made by Momma! They help moms in so many different ways that makes them unique compared to other agencies in Calgary. They help struggling moms by providing diapers if they are in need to healthy home cooked meals for their freezer. Through Made by Momma I have met some of the most amazing and giving women Calgary has to offer. Made by Momma makes it easy to volunteer by giving a variety of options and allowing them to easily fit into my daily life. ” ~ CLS

“I’ve been volunteering for Made by Momma for a few years now. I am lucky enough to have a strong support network of family and friends to help me through tough times with my kids and my health, and it breaks my heart that many families don’t have the kind of support that is so very crucial. Any little bit I can do to pay it forward for my blessings is important” ~ SD

“Moms do the hardest and most important work there is. When times get tough, for whatever the reason may be, it fills my heart to be able to help a mom in need. It’s about the village – and I love that there are many ways I can help support that village through Made by Momma.” ~ JF

“Made by Momma is a wonderful and dedicated group that allows our whole family, including the little ones, to work together to help others.” ~ LV

“ love that by volunteering at Made by Momma, you make a real and immediate difference to mothers and families who are going through hard or challenging times.” ~ SS

“I have been volunteering with Made by Momma since its inception and I am so proud of the group that it has become. Made by Momma is a service that so many Calgarians relay on to help them through some of the darkest points in their lives. Its a group of women who selflessly give up their time to help other mothers in need.” ~ RR

Comments from local agencies that refer clients to us:

“Just a note to say you are appreciated! For all the support you and your volunteers have offered the PPD moms we refer to you for additional support…Keep up the great work!” ~ Families Matter

“Thank you so much for the work that you do, it truly makes a difference in our patient’s lives.” ~ Maternal Wellness Support Team

“Thank you for the generosity! Made by Momma is a god sent for our patients. The work that you do is truly wonderful and we can never thank you enough! Wishing you all the very best as you continue to brings smiles to our patients.” ~ South Calgary Health Campus