7 Core Programs

Made by Momma Meals Program
At our core, we are a food bank, but a food bank with a difference! We provide nutritious, delicious, homemade frozen meals to clients who are unable to cook for their families. Our volunteers, as well as service clubs, corporate and private groups, prepare large batches of meals that they would cook for their own families in our commercial kitchen. The meals are packaged, labelled, frozen, and sent out to families. Each week we fill up and then empty our four industrial meal freezers to feed local families. We also provide non-perishable food hampers and fresh bread donated by COBS to families.

Baby & Family Essentials
This program ensures that our families have all the basic needs that they need for all members of the family. From large items for babies and children like car seats, strollers, and cribs, to diapers and wipes, personal hygiene items for the whole family, clothing, winter gear, seasonal items, toys, books, school supplies and more. Any essential items a family needs, we do our best to provide.

In-Home Support
Our caring volunteers visit mommas in their own homes to provide an extra set of hands or a short respite break for a mother going through a crisis or period of adversity. The volunteers take care of a mother’s children so she can rest or have time for self-care and are there as a supportive listener to a mother feeling alone and isolated that may just need to talk.

NICU Family Meals
When parents have premature or critically ill babies or small children in the Neonatal or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; they spend much of their time in the hospital caring for their children, but are not fed or cared for themselves. Made by Momma stocks freezers full of individually packaged meals on the NICU and PEDS units at South Health Campus, Peter Lougheed Hospital, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital, that are available at no cost for all family members of critically ill children. Having healthy meals available means these families can take care of themselves, making them better able to care for their ill children.

The Happy Birthday Project
We believe every child deserves to feel special and celebrated on their birthday. Our mission is to bring joy to the lives of children and families facing adverse circumstances through the celebration of birthdays, holidays, and other special life events. We deliver birthday party packs that include all the decorations and supplies required to throw a birthday party as well as new gifts for the birthday child. We also throw monthly birthday parties at local shelters each month for all the children staying there, as well as provide birthday gifts for the mothers as well. This busy and essential program prepares approximately 100 birthday bags each month at a cost of $150 per child.

Christmas Programs
Each December, we have 3 Christmas programs to support families who are struggling during the Christmas Season.
Adopt-a-Momma matches in-need families with community sponsors who shop for and supply everything their family needs for a happy holiday.
12 Cans Till Christmas is our seasonal food drive which collects non-perishable food items to create our Christmas Dinner food hampers and support our meal program.
Santa’s Workshop provides families who were not adopted in any other Christmas program with emergency gifts and a Christmas food hamper to bring Christmas cheer to all our families and ensure that every child has gifts to open on Christmas morning.

My New Bed
Children who leave situations of abuse with their mothers often leave most of their belongings behind, and sometimes don’t know where they will sleep from night to night. My New Bed provides a brand new complete bed to these children so they have a safe place to sleep, and something to call their own, while they adjust to their new living situation.  

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
 ~ Leo Buscaglia