Our AMAZON.ca Wish List

Our AMAZON.ca Wish List

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Back by popular demand – we offer you the ability to shop for our most needed items through our AMAZON.ca Wish List, and get your donations directly shipped to our Resource Centre!

AMAZON.ca Wish-List

We also have an AMAZON.ca Wish-List for The Happy Birthday Project! Check it out!

Made by Momma wants your refundable bottles!

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We’ve partnered with SkipTheDepot

Are you looking for new ways to support our charity? Do you have bottles and cans piling up in your garage?  We want them!

We’ve partnered with SkipTheDepot making your life a lot easier! You won’t even have to leave the house!

What is SkipTheDepot? A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than 1,2,3,4…

1. Download the app
2. Book a pickup
3. Place your bags outside
4. Donate your bottle returns refund directly to Made by Momma. ♥

Your donated bottle refund helps pay for our essential basic needs programs for vulnerable families! Fundraising made simple!

#YYCGivesBack #MadeByMomma #CalgaryCharity

Kitchen Expansion & Relocation Project

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Have you heard? We are taking over our little corner in West Hillhurst! We now have two buildings and are working towards our Kitchen Expansion and Relocation Project. This project includes a much-needed walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer, more islands and prep space, more ovens, another cooktop all of which will allow us to feed more families facing food insecurity, crisis and adversity.

We’ll soon have six prep islands instead of 3, eight ovens instead of 4, four cooktops instead of 3 plus a lot more storage space! Did we mention the WALK-IN COOLER & FREEZER? YAY!

We have designed the new space so that all existing kitchen equipment can be relocated – right across the street!

Financial and in-kind support welcome, needed and appreciated!
Financial donations can easily be made online here!

Social + Good
Charity | Kitchen



Shop Online & Support Calgary Families

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Did you know that with just a few clicks, you can shop for our most needed items through these online Wish Lists, and get your donations directly shipped to us?

We have many ways you can shop online and support the families we are helping!


AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – National Family Literacy BOOK DRIVE!

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – The Gift of Warmth Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Bare Essentials Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Back to School Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Family Hygiene Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Kids Summer Fun Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Mother’s Day Gifts

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Kids Snacks Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Baby Hygiene Drive

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Baby & Family Essentials

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – Holiday Food Hamper Items

AMAZON.ca WISH LIST – The Happy Birthday Project

FundScrip Gift Card Fundraising Program

Please include a gift receipt so we know who sent the gifts!

Have questions about donating? Just send us an email!

Made by Momma's Online Shopping Wish List
Support families in need by collecting and donating items from our Wish Lists!

♥ November: NEW Books Donation Drive

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Help us celebrate National Family Literacy by purchasing and donating a new book to be gifted to the families we are supporting through challenging times.
New books are gifted to children on their birthday, mothers living in shelters on their birthdays as well as given as Christmas Gifts for the families we help over the holidays.

Submit your receipt with your donation, and we can issue an official charitable donation tax receipt. Donations can be dropped off at Made by Momma during our open hours, as listed on our website!

Not able to shop/drop off in person? Shop from any of our Made by Momma Wish Lists HERE and ship right to us!

THANK YOU for making a difference!

♥ October: The Gift of Warmth Donation Drive

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Winter is coming! We won’t mention the “S Word”, but it sure is starting to get cold out there, and this Winter is predicted to be colder than average.

Every year, one of the most common requests Made by Momma receives is for winter gear for everyone in the family. Imagine your child having to miss out on Winter fun because they don’t have snowsuits to keep them warm and dry. Or imagine pushing a stroller to the store through the snow and slush, with bare hands because you haven’t been able to replace the gloves you lost last year.

As Canadians, we know how to keep warm, and how to dress for our cold and windy winters. But not everyone has the means to afford the basic winter gear for everyone in their family. YOU can give the gift of warmth this winter!

Our October Donation Drive anticipates the cold and snow to come, and we want to make sure that we can fill 100% of wishes for warm winter gear. Whether it’s for the kids to play at school, teens waiting for public transit, Moms walking to work in the cold, or for Dads who work outside regardless of weather… together, we can make sure they stay warm. This month we are focusing on donations of NEW WINTER GEAR for the whole family! Gloves, mittens, jackets, boots and snow pants are all high needs items in all sizes. Pick up a few items next time you see a good sale, or shop our Amazon Wish List for direct delivery. tinyurl.com/mbmwinter 

Submit your receipt with your donation, and we can issue an official charitable donation tax receipt. Donations can be dropped off at Made by Momma during open hours, as listed on our website: madebymomma.org/info 

Thank you for making a difference, and helping Santa’s Workshop keep families warm this winter.


Not able to shop/drop-off in person? Shop from any of our AMAZON WISH LISTS HERE and ship right to us!

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♥ September: Bare Essentials Donation Drive

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Introducing our September Donation Drive!
We’re going Back to Basics this month, and collecting NEW socks and underwear for everyone in the family! Many of the families that Made by Momma support are in financial crisis. Others have escaped threatening living situations with only their clothes on their back. And still others, who are in medical adversity don’t have the time or resources to pick up the Bare Essentials.
By collecting NEW socks and underwear for babies, children, teens, Moms & Dads, we can help provide some dignity, warmth and comfort to Calgary families in crisis. It really is the “little things” that make a difference.
Pick up a couple of packages next time you’re at Costco, Walmart or Superstore! Add a few to your cart when you are shopping for your own family. Or, shop our Amazon Wishlist for direct delivery! https://tinyurl.com/MBMBareEssentials

Thank you for your continued support of Made by Momma, our programs, and the families we serve. ♥

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♥ August: Back to School Donation Drive

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It’s time to get ready for school! For many kids & parents, this can be an exciting time, but for many families in our city, it is a time of stress as the expense of sending kids to school with the needed supplies can be very costly. Your generous donations will be given with dignity to families facing hardship.

– Backpacks
– Lunch Kits
– School Supplies
– School Snacks
– Indoor Shoes
– New Kids Clothing (sizes 6+ through adult)

* New/unopened items only please!

Not able to shop/drop-off in person? Shop from our AMAZON WISH LIST HERE and ship right to us!

Made by Momma Resource Centre
66 21 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4T9

When you’re ready to drop off your items at the Made by Momma Resource Centre, please check our hours as they may vary slightly based on volunteer availability. https://madebymomma.org/drop-off-locations/.

May be an image of text that says 'UMOMMA Madeby MÓMMA www.madebymomma.org Back to SCHOOL DONATION DRIVE BACK PACKS •LUNCH BAGS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SNACKS NEW KIDS' CLOTHES 1'

♥ July: 10 CAN Round Up Donation Drive

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10 Days. 10 CANS.

May be an image of text that says 'JOIN MORCIA MADE BY FOR OUR ANNUAL STAMPEDE 10 CAN ROUNDUP CHALLENGE! Thechallenge is simple; collect 10 CANS for each day of stampede, then bring them to our resource centre!'

Round up 10 CANs (or more!) of our most needed non-perishables over the 10 days of Stampede!

Welcome to the Made by Momma 10 CAN Roundup! This is a simple grassroots effort to help others in our community when they need it the most. It has been a very challenging year for so many families, the demand for our services is at an all-time high, and our community pantry cupboards are bare. The Calgary Stampede is most often a time to whoop-it-up and enjoy the fun with friends and family – but for others, it can be a time of loneliness, sadness and stress if they are facing situations of adversity and crisis. We know it takes a village and together we can make a difference to these families.

The challenge is simple; collect 10 CANS for those that can’t!

1. Over the 10 days of Stampede we challenge you to collect/purchase and donate 10 needed non-perishable items for Made by Momma! It could be a CAN of food or something else that is non-perishable. (see the suggested list below)
2. Drop them off at our community pantry at the Made by Momma Resource Centre where they will be packed into hampers and/or used to prepare freezer meals for our clients.
3. Invite as many of your friends to this event as you CAN! Get your friends and neighbours together, share with your service club, church and co-workers, get your kids & family involved – it is never too early nor too late to teach your kids kindness!
4. SHARE this event! Social media can make miracles happen!

How many CANs CAN we collect? We’ll keep track and keep this page up to date! Feel free to post photos of the CANs you have collected to inspire everyone! Please join our 10 CAN roundup challenge – it’s simple and easy to do; we have so many families that will greatly appreciate any and all donations. Remember, together we CAN make a difference! Let’s change someone’s life – right here; right now! Message us for a poster and set up a donation box to place wherever you are collecting your CANs!
Get Social & share a photo with us, and drop off your CANs to our resource centre on/after July 18th, 2021.
Not able to shop? Don’t live in Calgary? Still want to get involved? Donate today and have your donation matched up to 50%!  https://shawcharityclassic.com/participati…/made-by-momma/

Top 10 most needed CANned goods:
Soup Stock (chicken, beef, vegetable)
Coconut Milk
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Paste
Pasta Sauce
Beans (chickpeas, black beans)
Canned Tuna/Salmon
Canned Fruit (peaches, pineapple)
Vegetables (corn, peas)Other non-perishable pantry items needed:
Dried Fruit
Bags of lentils & dried beans
Peanut Butter
Gluten-Free items are always needed.

Additional items needed for families in crisis:
Baby Wipes
Baby Food
Feminine Hygiene Products
Personal Care Items
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

♥ June: Family Hygiene Donation Drive

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Every family deserves hygiene items. This is a basic need that sadly many families go without. Help us make a difference by providing these important items to struggling families. Your generous donations will be given with dignity to families facing hardship.

* Body Wash / Shower Gel
* Shampoo & Conditioner
* Lotion
* Deoderant (womens, mens, teens)
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes (adults & kids) We prefer individually wrapped.
* Dental Floss
* Hand Soap
* Toilet Paper

* New/unopened items only please!

Not able to shop/drop-off in person? Shop from our AMAZON WISH LIST HERE and ship right to us!

Made by Momma Resource Centre
66 21 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4T9

When you’re ready to drop off your items to Made by Momma Resource Centre, please check our hours as they may vary slightly based on volunteer availability. https://madebymomma.org/drop-off-locations/.

Online Charity Auction

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Bid Now and support Made by Momma and vulnerable families in our community.

We know you all love an awesome online silent auction – and we have an amazing one to share with you! We have over 300 fabulous items ready for your bid – there is something special to suit just about everyone!
eBikes, Beauty and Self Care Baskets, Electronics, Sunglasses, Hotel Stays, Original Artwork, Gift Certificates, Clothing, Wine & Beer, and SO many locally curated products from incredibly generous companies!

This annual fundraiser is needed more now than ever. We can honestly say that our Made by Momma programs have never been this busy – the need is very high! Covid-19 has been an immense challenge over the past 15 months – and every dollar you spend at this online auction will allow us to help more struggling families with essential items and basic needs.



This auction is running in conjunction with our upcoming Golf for Girls Charity Tournament on June 21st! However, anyone can BID and WIN – you do not have to be at the event in person.

We are truly grateful to our community for donating so many awesome items, as well as for our long-standing partnership with the Kinette Club of Calgary who is co-hosting this awesome fundraiser for our charity!

Golf for Girls Online Charity Auction Fundraiser
Golf for Girls Online Charity Auction ends June 21, 2021

♥ May: SUMMER FUN Donation Drive

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It’s time for some SUMMER FUN! Soon kids will be out of school for the summer, and Mommas will be even busier trying to take care of little ones and entertain the big ones! Let’s help some families out and let’s get some kids outside! This month we are collecting outdoor toys and indoor activities for kids, toddler through school age. Hit up Walmart for their playground balls, soccer balls, hula hoops, skipping ropes and bubbles. What do your kids love to play with? What keeps your toddlers happy when you’re spending time in the summer sun? And don’t forget some rainy day fun!

Whether online learning or the end of the school year, soon kids across the city will be looking for the sunshine and then driving Moms nuts with the familiar battle cry of “I’m bored!”
Now imagine you also have a newborn, or twins in the NICU. Imagine like so many others, you have lost your job due to COVID, or your mental health has declined so severely you can barely get out of bed let alone entertain the kids. What if you have been exposed to COVID or are sick yourself and the whole family has to isolate. There are many reasons families in Calgary rely on the services of Made by Momma including our meals and hampers, our essential items programs and so much more.

Let’s gift a few extra smiles to kids who otherwise may not have one, and a huge sigh of relief to Mommas who just want to see their kids having fun. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes and water play, rainy day activities… No matter where you shop, why not grab a couple of items to donate for families who can’t offer their children the same summer activities due to financial, health or other situations of adversity and crisis? Let’s spoil all the kids!!

Donations can be dropped off at Made by Momma during open hours posted on the website. You can also shop from our Amazon link and have it shipped directly to us. www.Tinyurl.com/mbmsummerfun

Have fun shopping and check our website for our open hours each week to drop off your donations. We’ll put together some Summer Fun Packs for the families we support. Each week, Made by Momma volunteers put together care packages and/or meals for more than 40 families. The need just keeps going up in response to COVID closures, job loss, online schooling and illness. Together, we can ease just a few of families’ burdens, together we can make a difference.

May 2021 Summer Fun Donation Drive at Made by Momma

♥ April: MOTHER’S DAY Donation Drive

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Every mother deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day!
Help us make a difference this Mother’s day by donating new items for our special momma gift bags! Your generous donations will be given to single moms facing hardship and those staying in shelters.

* Inspirational Books * Journals
* Self-care Items * Nice Pens
* Scarves * Adult Coloring Books
* Cute Socks * Coloured Pencils Crayons
* Bath Items * Bookmarks
* Packs of Tea * Treats
* Gift Cards – coffee, books, lunch, drug store, etc.

* New, unwrapped, non-denominational items only

Not able to shop/drop-off in person? Shop from our AMAZON WISH LIST HERE and ship right to us!

Made by Momma Resource Centre
66 21 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4T9

Ideally, we would like all donations by the 3rd Saturday in April to allow our volunteers time to create the gift bags for each momma!

Thank you for helping us pamper some deserving mommas! ♥

2021 Summer Intern Opportunities

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Looking for a summer job? Love giving back to the community? We’ve got exciting news! We’ve been approved for the Canada Summer Jobs Program Grants, and we’re looking for a few fabulous Summer Interns!

As a volunteer-run organization, every aspect of what we do is done by volunteers….client intake, cooking & baking, updating the website, tracking data, planning events, packing up baby essentials, answering emails, delivering meals, organizing donation drives, attending community events…and everything in between!

The summer months can be a busy time for our organization so we’re looking forward to finding some dynamic students to help us run our Resource Centre. The positions currently available are Resource Centre Coordinator and The Happy Birthday Project Coordinator.

We’d love to find passionate and caring applicants who are / or have taken non-profit studies, social work, nursing, child development, psychology, sociology, business, PR/Marketing, communications, or management studies to be a part of our team. These positions have been created for someone between 18 and 30 years old.
Additional information on these roles can be found here:

♥ March: SNACKS for KIDS Drive

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Did you know that in 2020, more than 1 in 5 Calgarians admitted they were struggling to easily buy food and groceries for themselves and their families? And the number of families who live with food insecurity on a regular basis continues to rise from 17% in 2017. Further, 43% of individuals who access Food Banks in Alberta are children.

Could you imagine having to choose between paying rent and feeding your children? How often do your children cry “I’m hungry” during a given day? Imagine if they truly were hungry, and you had no food for them, or that you had to limit them to basic small meals each day?

Made by Momma helps parents feed their children. We are a Food Bank with a heart and 100% of the Families that Made by Momma serves have young children. Volunteers prepare and freeze wholesome meals to fill families’ freezers. We also distribute food hampers filled with necessary non-perishable goods. This month, in honour of National Nutrition Month (dieticians.ca) we are collecting SNACKS FOR KIDS!

When you’re out and about doing your groceries or errands, we invite you to add a couple of extra snacks to your cart to share with families who may not have enough. Non-perishable snacks, suitable for school lunches, and preferably individually packaged are top of our needs list. You can help! Together, we can make a difference.

Please check our website for open hours which may vary slightly each week. madebymomma.org/drop-off-locations

Scroll down until you see “Open Hours” written in red. Drop off your donation to our Resource Centre, and include your original sales receipt if you would like to receive a charitable tax receipt for your purchase for 2021.

We like to make it as easy as we can for you to support local families who need a little help to feed their children. You can also order children’s snacks through our AMAZON WISH LIST, for delivery direct to Made by Momma! www.tinyurl.com/mbmsnacks

Please note: Items on our Amazon Wish List are bulk options, with comparable pricing to other retailers. We prefer to make the most of Amazon deliveries (minimizing packaging and deliveries) by ensuring we aren’t receiving one or two small items per package. You are also invited to order a variety of smaller snack packs that could ship together.

Thank you for your support!



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There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a freshly bathed baby. Don’t you wish you could bottle that delicious scent?

February is the Month of LOVE, and Made by Momma is celebrating Baby LOVE!

We know you love babies as much as we do, and so what better time to host a Baby Hygiene Drive to support families with infants and toddlers who may be struggling to provide their basic needs?

Show your LOVE for BABIES, and that Fresh Baby Smell, by collecting and donating all things BABY CLEAN! Our baby care cupboards are always bare, and it’s time to stock them up! Think about everything you might use at Baby Bath time, or when caring for a baby’s skin and other hygiene needs. Add some products to your shopping list, place an order from our dedicated Baby Hygiene Drive Amazon Wish List https://tinyurl.com/MBMBabyHygiene or even cash in your PC Optimum points and help our families care for their babies in Calgary’s cold, dry winter!

When you’re ready to drop off your items to Made by Momma Resource Centre, please check our hours as they may vary slightly based on volunteer availability.https://madebymomma.org/drop-off-locations/.

Baby Items Needed:

**Please note all hygiene, bath and body care items must be new and unopened.

♥ January: Feminine Hygiene Drive

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Help us help underprivileged mothers and girls in need of a basic necessity: menstrual hygiene products.

For the month of January, we will be collecting all types of feminine hygiene products for the mothers we serve. It’s a fact that period poverty is a real thing. It’s a thing – right here in our city.
Lacking the funds to buy needed menstrual hygiene products is a challenge for many of the families we help. Can you imagine having to resort to using just toilet paper to manage your flow? How would that affect your ability to attend work or go to school?

♥ Purchase and donate menstrual health products – drop your donation off at the Made by Momma Resource Centre
♥ Host your own donation drive to collect tampons and pads on our behalf
♥ Make a financial donation allowing us to purchase the products we need the most – any donation amount is appreciated!

For the cost of a bottle of wine or a few fancy coffees, your donation could provide one low-income mother with the essential menstrual supplies they need to manage their period for a month.

PS: We accept feminine hygiene product donations all year long, not just during the month of January!

Merry Christmas Calgary

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THANK YOU Calgary! Once again you’ve helped us make Christmas happen for so many struggling Calgary families! We had a record number of families referred to us, and you helped us make sure they all received a bit of Christmas Magic! 

Thank you to all of our amazing donors and supporters who adopted families through our Adopt-a-Momma program, those that hosted donation drives, those that collected non-perishables for our 12 CANs till Christmas food drive, those that built holiday food hampers, and those that shopped for Santa’s Workshop wishes this year! Every donation mattered and we truly appreciate them all!

An extra-special thank you goes out to the building owner and management of our temporary “Santa’s Workshop” location – what we have come to affectionately call our “Momma Shala”. Without this space, we would not have been able to run our 2020 Christmas programs safely or effectively.

And while we certainly can’t do any of this without donations, we also owe a gigantic and heartfelt thank you to our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly – even on Christmas Eve – to make sure every family in need was supported.

For the past 11 Christmases, we have been running our Adopt-a-Momma for Christmas and Santa’s Workshop programs. This year, on top of our regular support, we had an additional 136 families referred to Made by Momma for our 2020 Christmas Programs – and with your support, we were able to help 482 people! (173 Adults & 309 Kids) From all of us at Made by Momma, THANK YOU to every sponsor and donor who made it possible to help them have a happier holiday. We are so grateful knowing that every child we helped woke up on Christmas morning with gifts under the tree to open!

While Christmas Day may be over, our charitable work goes on for another 364 days! As a volunteer-run and donation-driven charity, financial donations fuel our work providing basic needs and essential services throughout the year.

Donations can easily be made online by completing this form,
by mailing a cheque to:
Made by Momma
66 21 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4T9

or by calling our Donation Phone Line at 587.890.3869

Donation cheques dated and postmarked by December 31st can be considered for a 2020 Charitable Tax Receipt!

Thank you for choosing to support Made by Momma!
11 Years. Volunteer-Run. Donation-Driven.
Registered Canadian Charity 827110008 RR0001

Extra Special Thank you to the following businesses & groups for supporting our Christmas programs through their amazing donation drives and giving programs:
Scarlet Edge Beauty
The Heather Company
St. David’s United Church
Storm Resources
Waterline Resources
YYC Condo Review & iFP Solutions & AMP Electric
Casa Corazon
Ruben Young “The Rubs”
Adrienne Furrie Makeup Artist
LUXE Beauty Vault
YYC You and Your Cake
The Mall Group
The Brigitte & Yvonne Talk Show
Shopper’s Drug Mart
GIL Property Management & Sales
TRICON Solutions
AHS Rheumatology Department
The Vanity Vault
Pure Environmental
Indigo Dalhousie
Hope Lutheran Church
Sunny Cookie Company
Moxies Barlow Trail
In honour of Baby Savayra
(more to follow!)

Thank you to Jon and his team from Against All Abuse, for donating AND delivering complete Turkey Dinners for many of our families!

Thank you to the amazingly supportive community at Commons Church for continuing to ensure our Made by Momma families are well taken care of through their donations supporting our Community Food Bank / Prepared Meals Programs.

Thank you to the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund for choosing to feature all of the amazing local charities that they have supported over the past 30 years – us included!

In addition to these amazing businesses and groups – we thank the hundreds of individuals who also made an impact this Christmas!

Our village is amazing! Thank you!

National Volunteer Week 2020

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THANK YOU to our amazing Made by Momma volunteers for supporting our charity with your time & talent for the past 10 years! ♥

As a volunteer-run and donation-driven charity, it takes a village to run our organization. To celebrate National Volunteer Week, every year we feature a handful of our amazing volunteers who are truly making a difference! Check back each day to find a new profile of a fabulous volunteer!

Meet Sean Tyler Foley! His full National Volunteer Week Profile COMING SOON….
Meet Sue & Brigitte! Their full National Volunteer Week Profile COMING SOON….
Meet Cindy & Brad! Their full National Volunteer Week Profile COMING SOON….
Meet Angela! Her full National Volunteer Week Profile COMING SOON….
Meet Maddie! Check out her full National Volunteer Week Profile Here!
Meet Liesl! Check our her full National Volunteer Week Profile Here!
Meet Sheri! Check out her full National Volunteer Week Profile Here!
Meet Diane! Check out her full National Volunteer Week Profile Here!
Meet Yvonne! Check out her full National Volunteer Week Profile Here!
THANK YOU to the amazing groups who volunteer to make a difference! See more HERE!

COVID-19 – A message to our community

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It is in the words of Mayor Nenshi with “Clean Hands. Clear Heads. Open Hearts” that Made by Momma is navigating the novel coronavirus. We have been through H1N1, the floods of 2013 and the Fort Mac fires. We know that in times of crisis, our city rises up to help those who need it most and this time it is no different. Made by Momma already follows strict cleaning and sanitizing regimens and is increasing frequency and taking extra precautions at the Resource Center to help protect the health and safety of our volunteers and clients. We are also following all government, WHO and AHS guidelines to the highest level.

We do know that our clients need our services now more than ever! Food security and baby essentials become ever more critical and resources become increasingly sparse as supporters self-isolate. Unfortunately, the challenges faced by families in crisis in Calgary did not stop when this new crisis was added and therefore Made by Momma will continue to operate as an essential service in Calgary.

What we ask is the following:

· If you can support, please do so!

· If you can donate, please consider purchasing an item from our Wish List https://madebymomma.org/donated-items/ or making a monetary donation https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/made-by-momma/

· If you are a volunteer and self-isolating, we support that.

· If you are continuing to volunteer and your role brings you to the Resource Center, please know that activities have been modified to reduce contact. Strict procedures are in place and we ask you to diligently follow the directions of your Team Lead.

· Understanding that hours of operation, services and processes may vary as the situation changes.

· Please be patient. We are volunteer-run and doing our best to maintain operations.

At this time, all of our in-person fundraising events have been cancelled or post-postponed. This includes Golf for Girls, likely our casino and several in which we were the charity of choice. We are fortunate in that in celebration of our 10th anniversary, long before we ever could have predicted this pandemic, we opted for a virtual gala. The UnGala is still a go! If you would like to purchase a ticket and join us for some online fun, please join us here http://bit.ly/mbmungala2020

We thank you for your continued support and know that even when circumstances keep us physically apart, we continue to rise stronger together. #YYCstrong


Allyson Palaschuk
President, Made by Momma

2019 Calgary Herald Christmas Fund!

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We are absolutely thrilled to be named one the charities chosen by the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund for the 2019 campaign!

The 2019 Christmas Fund is honoured to continue its 28-year tradition of giving back to the community. More than $27 million has been raised for local agencies and charities in Calgary over the years, via this fund that was started by journalists in the Calgary Herald newsroom.

Each year a new volunteer committee of Calgary Herald employees is formed and they review all of the charity applications that come in. They have the incredibly difficult task of choosing the who the deserving charities will be. These are charities (like ours!) who need the support of the community to help their clients, programs and services!
We are incredibly proud to be one of the six local charities chosen for this fabulous initiative!

Please consider donating to Made by Momma and the 7000+ people we help each year through our programs.
Help one, help many. ♥

Donations can easily be made online by completing the form below,
by mailing a cheque to
Made by Momma
66 21 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4T9

or by calling our Donation Phone Line at 587.890.3869

Thank you for choosing to support Made by Momma!
10 Years. Volunteer-Run. Donation-Driven.
Registered Canadian Charity 827110008 RR0001