Frequently Asked Questions

  • A mother diagnosed with cancer, MS or other life-changing illnesses who need short or long-term support for their families
  • A woman who has a miscarriage and needs assistance with meals, cleaning or caring for other children or who just needs some time to herself
  • A mother suffering from a short-term illness or injury (flu, bacterial infection, fractured arm, injured back. etc)
  • A mother with a hospitalized child who has another child/children at home
  • A mother who is new to Calgary and has not yet developed a strong support network and needs encouragement, support or assistance
  • A new mother who is establishing breastfeeding and needs extra support and encouragement
  • A mother who has to go on bed rest during pregnancy or who is having a difficult pregnancy
  • A mother whose husband/partner is away temporarily or permanently
  • A mothers of twins or multiples and is feeling overwhelmed or run
  • And many, many other situations since everyone’s circumstances are unique! We will attempt to provide assistance to as many women with reasonable requests as possible.

All services are completely free of charge. Volunteers and our generous donors pay for the cost of grocery and meal items, gasoline, cleaning supplies and other goods. Some items are donated by very generous businesses, retail centers and organizations that support our group.

We check our email throughout the day. After we receive a request, we can typically organize volunteers and provide services within a few hours to 24 hours depending on the urgency of the request.

As John Rockefeller said, “Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.” We are a group of mothers who appreciate and value the support of other mothers. We aim to provide comfort and encouragement during times of stress or hardship.  Neither our organization nor our volunteers have a hidden “agenda” that will be pushed on the women who we serve (ie- no political, religious, corporate or other affiliations).

Certainly! We are more than willing to modify recipes or do whatever it takes to accommodate your specific situation. Many of our volunteers have experience working with children and adults with medical conditions and/or special needs as long as it does not pose a health or liability risk to the child or volunteer.

During a difficult time, the last thing on your mind should be worrying about repayment or writing a thank you note. We never expect repayment for services rendered or goods provided. Should you feel the need to thank us, we encourage you to “pay it forward” and try to make a positive difference in the life of another woman or mother. Also, you are always welcome to join our wonderful team of volunteers and help us in our efforts or to make a financial donation to our organization.