Who We Are

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”
~ Scott Adams


“In times of crisis, mothers often have to drop everything to support their baby, child or spouse. We have to ask ourselves – when that happens, who supports the mother? Mothers are natural nurturers and often take on extra stress with every intention of “doing-it-all” but we know that not every mother has the social support to be a super-mom, super-wife and super-woman every day of the year. Made by Momma offers practical hands-on peer-to-peer support to help alleviate some of the stress that life-changing situations may bring on.

I’m so proud of our charity and how far we’ve come in the past 9 years, and I’m equally proud of my 4 children and my husband for believing in what we do wholeheartedly.  It’s definitely a family affair! We firmly believe that “It takes a Village” – and we’re happy to give ourselves to that cause every day.”
Allyson Palaschuk ~  Made by Momma Founding Member & Current Volunteer President


Our 2017 Board of Directors

2017 BOD

_MG_2453FBCOVER.jpg                              A few of our Board Members at the Grand Opening of our 1st Kitchen!

Made by Momma 2014 Board of Directors                                                     Made by Momma Board Members – 2014

Here is what one of our founding members says about her inspiration to start this volunteer group: “I am a daughter to a breast cancer survivor, mother to two sweet babes, an immigrant and a former career gal turned (almost) full-time momma. I’m passionate about many things- babies, baking, forging friendships, music, books and building a sense of community for ourselves and our children. Though it is never easy to ask for assistance, all mothers need a helping hand from time to time. Whether the need results from a sudden or chronic injury or illness, the birth of a child, general feelings of being overwhelmed or a situation of adversity, it can be difficult to know where to turn when you do indeed need help. Since becoming a mother, I have gradually developed an incredible support network. The ladies in my support system have provided meals when I was ill, offered to keep my children when I had an appointment and brought laughter when I needed it most. Women helping women – one of the best and strongest support systems that has ever existed”.


We felt a strong need to “pay it forward” and Made by Momma was conceived. A warm batch of muffins, a hot meal, a box of children’s books or a bit of free breastfeeding encouragement may not change the world – However, though wholesome nourishment and nurturing care, we hope to make the lives of our fellow mommas a little easier!

Made by Momma was founded on these principles and has grown rapidly to our current number of 1000+ registered volunteers!

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

Volunteer Canada logovolunteer-albertapropellus_logo_322x59The Calgary Foundation

Community Knowledge Centre