Oh where to begin our love letter to the amazing community of KIN…..
Well, truly it all starts with the Kinette Club of Calgary who completed a volunteer project for us, way back in June of 2012. Their group saw a need that we had and spent a weekend cooking up HUGE batches of Chicken Cattatorie for the families we help. There was a little bit of a disaster when the meals arrived….. but that’s another story….
And ever since that day in June, we have been steadfast friends and fans of KIN. Many of our Made by Momma volunteers are also involved in KIN – it truly is a wonderful partnership. Over the years, we have built relationships with all 5 of the Calgary Clubs and they have supported us in many different ways…. sponsoring our events, attending our fundraisers, donating financially, volunteering, and most important; making an impact on the families we serve in the community in which we all live, work and play.
Our #1MoreStory Capital Campaign; resulting in our beautiful building (which is ALMOST complete) was only achieved because of the financial support we have received from The Calgary Kinsmen, The Stampede City Kinsmen, The Calgary Kinettes and The Stampede City Kinettes. The Kin Campus Club was not able to donate financially – but they certainly helped in other ways! 🙂
Our new building was built on an incredibly strong foundation of community support, and that really embodies the spirit of KIN.

The Calgary Kinettes Donation Cheque Presentation

The Calgary Kinsmen Donation Cheque Presentation
The Stampede City Kinettes Donation Cheque Presentation
The Stampede City Kinsmen!