To celebrate National Volunteer Week, every year we feature a handful of our amazing volunteers who are truly making a difference!

As a volunteer-run and donation-driven charity, it takes a village to run our organization. Meet a few of our amazing supporters:



Linda is a mom of two adult children and grandmother to two adorable grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering with Made by Momma now that she is retired from the provincial government.

Linda started volunteering with MBM after she and her daughter went to a volunteer information session over two years ago. She was instantly hooked when she saw what MBM does and who MBM helps. Linda saw that there was a need for volunteers to help sort and distribute the many new and gently used donations. She also likes the flexibility of the volunteer hours, because it allows her to volunteer and still have lots of time with her grandchildren.

When asked what she liked best about MBM, Linda replied, “I know Made by Momma helps a lot of families in need, as well as families in the NICU units, and it’s nice to know that I’m a part of it all.”

Linda regularly volunteers at the MBM Resource Centre sorting, packing and organizing donations – and having a lot of fun with the other volunteers. She has also volunteered with Kitchen Chop Squad -preparing meals for our families- as well as helping out at the Louise Dean School Share Tables.

A BIG thank you to Linda for all the time and energy she has put into helping us here at Made by Momma. We really cannot run our organization without amazing volunteers like Linda!



Laura has been living in Calgary with her husband, dog and cat for the last five years. When she is not spending time with her family or volunteering with Made by Momma, Laura can be found at her barn relaxing with her horses.

In October 2017, Laura did some research on MBM and quickly realized that she had to be a part of it all. It was MBM’s mission and the positive impact that it makes on the families in need that attracted Laura to volunteer. Not only did Laura like that she was able to volunteer around her schedule and not the other way around, but that there are numerous volunteer opportunities to choose from.

“The support that MBM provides is like no other organization. There is such a need in Calgary for the support that MBM provides to families, and without the help of so many volunteers it would not be possible,” explains Laura about what she has learned over the years volunteering at MBM.

Laura volunteers most Saturdays at the Resource Centre. She’ll be there to greet you with a big friendly smile, while cheerfully accepting donations and entering data. When she is not on-site, she is out doing home support visits and volunteering at MBM’s community events and fundraisers, such as the Fall FUNdraiser and Golf for Girls. Laura also enjoys helping out with packing meals and hampers, as well as helping with deliveries.

Thank you, Laura, for all you do for us here at MBM and in the community. You’re an inspiration, and we love having you as part of our organization.



Kyley is an accountant, holistic nutritionist, health coach and fitness enthusiast. When she is not volunteering with Made by Momma, she spends quality time with her fiancé and their four-legged family members.

Kyley has always enjoyed giving back to those
in need and the less fortunate. She firmly believes in the importance of
helping those who might not be able to help themselves. In May 2018, her friend
Laura introduced her to MBM—knowing it would be a perfect fit; Laura was right.
Kyley instantly knew that she had to be a part of this charity.

Some of Kyley’s favourite things about
volunteering with MBM is the flexibility of the volunteer schedule and how easy
it is to be involved. But for Kyley, it’s the community that is her favourite
part. She loves that every single person, volunteers and clients, at MBM are so
kind, thoughtful and caring. She believes it’s a privilege to know the ladies
who started MBM, as well as all those who volunteer, and those who they assist.

“As a team, we can help so many families,”
states Kyley about why she loves being part of MBM. “The number of families
that need assistance in Calgary is overwhelming, and it truly does take a
village to help.”

You can find Kyley helping out in almost every
area of MBM. She can be found volunteering Saturdays at the Resource Centre
with Laura. They work together to help track all of MBM’s donations, and ensure
all information is up to date and accurate, as well as helping with financial
reporting as needed and being on the capital campaign committee. But Kyley, the
highlight is working on the fundraising committee. Kyley worked on the Aussie
Rules Fundraiser last year and looks forward to more events like it.

Thank you, Kyley. You do so much for our
clients and us. We at Made by Momma are humbled and grateful for your continued


The Stampede City Kinettes

The Stampede City Kinettes Motto is “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need,” and they do exactly that when they come to volunteer at Made by Momma. This dynamic group of women from all walks of life have a passion for service work, but they also like to have fun. With a belief in fellowship and personal development, their common goal is to make the community a better place to live.

The Stampede City Kinettes first heard about Made by Momma through a sister club and have been volunteering for 3 years since. Seeing the kitchen as the heart of the home that is Made by Momma, this group loves cooking meals for families and enjoy the social aspect and fellowship of volunteering. They also proudly donated $10,000 in 2019 towards the “1 More Story” project and are excited to see it come to completion!

The Stampede City Kinettes would encourage other companies and groups to volunteer with Made by Momma in order to be a part of the fun and interactive team project of helping local families

Thank you, Stampede City Kinettes. Your dedication to volunteering provides such important support for families. We are proud and grateful to have volunteers like you with Made by Momma.


The Stantec community unites more than 22,000 employees working in over 400 locations. Their work, which includes professional consulting in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics, begins at the intersection of community, creativity and client relationships. They hold a long term commitment to the people and places they serve, connecting projects on a personal level and advancing the quality of life in communities across the globe.

Stantec feels that volunteering is an important part of upholding community pillars such as arts, education, environment, health and wellness. Volunteering with Made by Momma is part of an ongoing effort to get employees involved with organizations they are passionate about and help them connect with communities and strengthen them in meaningful ways.

Stantec first heard about Made by Momma in 2014 through an employee who had personally volunteered and donated. After hearing about what we do they knew they had to be a part of it somehow! Cooking meals for Made by Momma is a staff favourite as they are aware of the importance of nutritious meals for young families. During a recent group cook, Stantec made 44 packages of food, a total of 222 servings. They also donate clothing and help with inventory swaps between summer and winter seasons.

Stantec is looking forward to volunteering again, seeing what they will get to cook and what the Resource Centre looks like after the “1 More Story” campaign!

Groups like Stantec are integral to the support that Made by Momma provides. Thank you, Stantec for being dedicated to helping the community, and for choosing Made by Momma for your team volunteering.


The Crew

This group of likeminded women, casually known as The Crew, believe in harnessing the collective power of women with the intention of helping communities thrive. Beginning with two friends who realized they could strengthen a network of creative and inspiring women by coming together to volunteer, they continue to grow and flourish, with their impacts on the community getting bigger and better!

A founding member of The Crew has volunteered with Made by Momma through her work with the Kinette Club of Calgary, who are huge supporters of our charity. They first volunteered almost two years ago, helping to reorganize a temporary space while the “1 More Story” addition was being built. Most recently they helped us move back into the Resource Centre, and partook in a “Galentine’s Day” cook in the new kitchen! They also participate in the Golf for Girls Tournament run by the Kinnette Club of Calgary in support of Made by Momma.

As women themselves, the recognition that women often worry about everyone else first, especially mothers. They know that women and mothers need to be supported. “We love supporting other women and we love that Made by Momma is so welcoming and non-judgemental; if you need help and ask for it, Made by Momma is there”

One of their favourite parts of volunteering with Made by Momma is knowing they have a direct impact on mothers and families. “When you cook a meal, you know somebody will literally be digging into it next week. When you make a donation, you know that everything you give goes directly to service delivery becasue the organization is volunteer-run”

The Crew truly embodies Made by Mommas philosophy of ‘women helping women,’ showing how powerful a dedicated group of volunteers can be. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and belief in our organization.


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