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♥ May: SUMMER FUN Donation Drive

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It’s time for some SUMMER FUN! Soon kids will be out of school for the summer, and Mommas will be even busier trying to take care of little ones and entertain the big ones! Let’s help some families out and let’s get some kids outside! This month we are collecting outdoor toys and indoor activities for kids, toddler through school age. Hit up Walmart for their playground balls, soccer balls, hula hoops, skipping ropes and bubbles. What do your kids love to play with? What keeps your toddlers happy when you’re spending time in the summer sun? And don’t forget some rainy day fun!

Whether online learning or the end of the school year, soon kids across the city will be looking for the sunshine and then driving Moms nuts with the familiar battle cry of “I’m bored!”
Now imagine you also have a newborn, or twins in the NICU. Imagine like so many others, you have lost your job due to COVID, or your mental health has declined so severely you can barely get out of bed let alone entertain the kids. What if you have been exposed to COVID or are sick yourself and the whole family has to isolate. There are many reasons families in Calgary rely on the services of Made by Momma including our meals and hampers, our essential items programs and so much more.

Let’s gift a few extra smiles to kids who otherwise may not have one, and a huge sigh of relief to Mommas who just want to see their kids having fun. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes and water play, rainy day activities… No matter where you shop, why not grab a couple of items to donate for families who can’t offer their children the same summer activities due to financial, health or other situations of adversity and crisis? Let’s spoil all the kids!!

Donations can be dropped off at Made by Momma during open hours posted on the website. You can also shop from our Amazon link and have it shipped directly to us.

Have fun shopping and check our website for our open hours each week to drop off your donations. We’ll put together some Summer Fun Packs for the families we support. Each week, Made by Momma volunteers put together care packages and/or meals for more than 40 families. The need just keeps going up in response to COVID closures, job loss, online schooling and illness. Together, we can ease just a few of families’ burdens, together we can make a difference.

May 2021 Summer Fun Donation Drive at Made by Momma