Made by Momma is currently qualified for the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project and we have the opportunity to win a part of the $250,000 prize pool for our idea. How can YOU help us win? Simple! By voting every day for our project idea during the voting round. To vote please click here.


Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, energy, mood, overall health and our ability to handle stressful situations. We believe nutrient dense foods are essential and affect a child’s behaviour, health and development. Well-nourished children are typically more alert, attentive, physically active and better able to benefit from learning experiences. All children should be fed nourishing meals even through situations of adversity or crisis.

Our idea is to implement a cooking program for families and children who would benefit from a better understanding of nutritionally abundant home cooking eliminating the argument that processed fast food is cheaper to eat than wholesome freshly prepared meals. Kids need hands-on learning opportunities in the kitchen to experience the who, what, where, when and why of nutritious food!

We have our own commercial kitchen to offer fun and informative workshops for families who want to learn about; cooking with kids, mal planning, grocery budgeting, safe food handling, special dietary needs and nutrition for pregnant & parenting teens. Our kitchen will be a place of learning, support, cooking and friendship!

Made by Momma has always relied on our own grassroots fundraising efforts and community support. We do not receive any government funding to support our work. The amount of families we can help is directly related to the amount of donations we receive in any given year. We believe that our services are vital to providing aid to the socially, emotionally and/or financially distressed families in our communities. By having the opportunity for funding through the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project, we will be able to continue with and expand upon the services we are currently able to offer!

Thanks for voting for our idea!