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♥ July: 10 CAN Round Up Donation Drive

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10 Days. 10 CANS.

May be an image of text that says 'JOIN MORCIA MADE BY FOR OUR ANNUAL STAMPEDE 10 CAN ROUNDUP CHALLENGE! Thechallenge is simple; collect 10 CANS for each day of stampede, then bring them to our resource centre!'

Round up 10 CANs (or more!) of our most needed non-perishables over the 10 days of Stampede!

Welcome to the Made by Momma 10 CAN Roundup! This is a simple grassroots effort to help others in our community when they need it the most. It has been a very challenging year for so many families, the demand for our services is at an all-time high, and our community pantry cupboards are bare. The Calgary Stampede is most often a time to whoop-it-up and enjoy the fun with friends and family – but for others, it can be a time of loneliness, sadness and stress if they are facing situations of adversity and crisis. We know it takes a village and together we can make a difference to these families.

The challenge is simple; collect 10 CANS for those that can’t!

1. Over the 10 days of Stampede we challenge you to collect/purchase and donate 10 needed non-perishable items for Made by Momma! It could be a CAN of food or something else that is non-perishable. (see the suggested list below)
2. Drop them off at our community pantry at the Made by Momma Resource Centre where they will be packed into hampers and/or used to prepare freezer meals for our clients.
3. Invite as many of your friends to this event as you CAN! Get your friends and neighbours together, share with your service club, church and co-workers, get your kids & family involved – it is never too early nor too late to teach your kids kindness!
4. SHARE this event! Social media can make miracles happen!

How many CANs CAN we collect? We’ll keep track and keep this page up to date! Feel free to post photos of the CANs you have collected to inspire everyone! Please join our 10 CAN roundup challenge – it’s simple and easy to do; we have so many families that will greatly appreciate any and all donations. Remember, together we CAN make a difference! Let’s change someone’s life – right here; right now! Message us for a poster and set up a donation box to place wherever you are collecting your CANs!
Get Social & share a photo with us, and drop off your CANs to our resource centre on/after July 18th, 2021.
Not able to shop? Don’t live in Calgary? Still want to get involved? Donate today and have your donation matched up to 50%!…/made-by-momma/

Top 10 most needed CANned goods:
Soup Stock (chicken, beef, vegetable)
Coconut Milk
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Paste
Pasta Sauce
Beans (chickpeas, black beans)
Canned Tuna/Salmon
Canned Fruit (peaches, pineapple)
Vegetables (corn, peas)Other non-perishable pantry items needed:
Dried Fruit
Bags of lentils & dried beans
Peanut Butter
Gluten-Free items are always needed.

Additional items needed for families in crisis:
Baby Wipes
Baby Food
Feminine Hygiene Products
Personal Care Items
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels