Gallery Calorie!

On June 20, 2015, Calgary’s popular neighbourhood, Inglewood, was filled with exotic smells and visual delights as people wandered 9th Avenue. The 13th annual Gallery Calorie hosted by the Artemis Foundation provided individuals with the opportunity to tour galleries, shops and restaurants, sample delicious food and view local creative artwork – all in the name of supporting a local charity.

Made by Momma was extremely fortunate and grateful to be selected as the charity of choice for 2015.

The Artemis Foundation is made up of passionate women who all strive to give back to the community by supporting local charities that support women and children. Being a 100% volunteer-run organization like us, these ladies have no limits to their passion and determination to give back.

The Artemis Foundation provided an atmosphere with #GalCal where people could browse and enjoy the shops and scenery of Inglewood at their own pace. The street and cafes were filled with smiles and laughter as everyone enjoyed the outdoors and of course, all of the food and drinks! Our volunteers enjoyed the day just as much as the ticket holders did, as they were welcomed with open arms and treated like family by the Artemis Foundation team.

Gallery Calorie was capped off with a party in the park where the attendees could compete in the popular Art Race vying for some beautiful art; enjoy live music, more food and drinks, a silent auction and both a wine & beer raffle and the company of fellow event goers.

Overall #GalCal was a MAJOR success as it raised $30,000 for Made by Momma. Their generous donation will allow for us to improve our services and client support. Artemis’ donation helps us get one step closer to making our Resource Centre expansion plans a reality.

On behalf of Made by Momma, we want to thank the Artemis Foundation members for their support and for selecting us as their charity of choice.

There is a saying that when women work together amazing things happen. Made by Momma’s partnership with the Artemis Foundation is proof positive that amazing things can happen!