Santa’s Workshop WishLists

THANK YOU to all of our amazing donors and supporters who shopped for family wishes last year! We had a record number of families referred and you helped us make sure they all received a little bit of Christmas Magic! 

Now it’s time for our 2021 Santa’s Workshop Wish Lists!
(we will add new families & wishes as they come in)


#148 – Girl – Winter Boots (women’s size 10), Cardigan (women’s size XL), Tote Bag for school, Makeup, Skincare (fav color pink)
#148 – Boy – Sweatpants & Sweater, Winter Jacket (men’s size XL), Video Games (likes skateboarding, sports) (fav color black) 
#201 – Boy – Athletic Clothes, Jogging Pants (men’s size medium), Electric Toothbrush, Halo Mega Construx toy, Bike Lock & Chain [fav colour: navy] 
#230 – Girl – Winter Wear (women’s size small), Electric Blanket, Bus Tickets [fav colour: purple] 
#230 – Girl – Winter Jacket (women’s size medium), Gift Card for Groceries [fav colour: red] 
#230 – Boy – Jeans (men’s size 39), Winter Gear (men’s medium), Gift Cards [fav colour: blue] 
#230 – Girl – Winter Wear (women’s size large), Scooter, Gift Card for Groceries [fav colour: red] 
#230 – Boy – Winter Gloves & Hat, Hoodies (men’s size small), PS4 Games [fav colour: blue] 
#230 – Girl – Clothing, Winter Gear (women’s size small), Gift Cards [fav colour: red]
#263 – Boy – Winter Jacket & Snow Pants (men’s size small), Winter Boots, Socks (men’s size 9.5), LED Strip Lights, hygiene Products [fav colour: white] #263 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Gloves (men’s size small), Winter Boots, Socks (men’s size 8.5), Call of Duty Cold War or Far Cry 6 Games for XBOX 1S, Beats Studio Buds [fav colour: red]#271 – Girl – Vans Shoes (women’s size 10), Double Bed Frame, Headphones [fav colour: red]  
#271 – Boy – Sweater, Underwear (men’s size 2XL), Socks (men’s size 13), Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War for PS4 [fav colour: blue]  
#271 – Girl – Socks (women’s size 8), Underwear (women’s size medium), Art Set, Anything Anime (My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Black Butler, Haikyu) [fav colours: tie dye, rainbow]  
#281 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Sweater (men’s size medium), Basketball [fav colour: black] 
#281 – Girl – Pyjama’s, Sweater (women’s size medium), Make-up [fav colour: pink] 
#281 – Boy – Pyjama’s, Sweater (men’s size small), Skateboard [fav colour: blue] 
#285 – Girl – Pokémon Cards, Pokémon Stuffy [fav colours: black, white] 
#285 – Boy – Lego, Pokémon Cards [fav colour: blue] 
#285 – Boy – Lego, Pokémon Cards [fav colour: green] 
#285 – Boy – Lego, Pokémon Cards [fav colour: red] 
#285 – Girl – Winter Jacket (black, women’s size small), Make-up, Art Canvases & Paints [fav colour: blue] 
#294 – Boy – Clothing, Underwear (kid’s size large), Nintendo Switch Games (special needs child) 
#294 –Girl – Pyjama Pants, Clothing, Underwear (women’s size large), Make-up, Perfume [fav colours: pink, purple] 
#294 – Boy – Clothing, Underwear (no jeans, men’s size XL), Nike running shoes (men’s size 13), Wireless Earbuds [fav colours: black, grey] 
#296 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Sweatpants (kid’s size 16-18), Watch [fav colour: blue] 
#296 – Girl – Winter Jacket, Sweatpants (kid’s size 14-16), Fidget Toys, Slime [fav colour: pink] 
#296 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Sweatpants (kid’s size 12-14), Watch [fav colour: blue] 
#297 – Boy – Winter Jacket (men’s size XL), Double Sized Bedding [fav colours: red, black, blue] 
#305 – Girl – Winter Jacket, Shirts, Sweaters (women’s size XXL) [fav colours: black, grey] 
#305 – Boy – Pants, Hoodies (men’s size large), Ballcap (size 7 ¼), Socks (men’s size 10), Hockey Stick [fav colour: blue] 
#314 – Girl – Shoes (women’s size 8.5), Hair Products/Accessories, Makeup [fav colour: red]

#148 – Girl – Winter Boots (women’s size 9), Purse, Room Décor (e.g., fairy lights, wall stickers), Blanket (fav color is pink)
#148 – Boy – Winter Boots (kids’ size 8), Winter Jacket, PJ’s (men’s small), Personal Hygiene, Room Décor (e.g., wall stickers), Blanket (fav color is blue) 
#171 – Snow pants (kids’ size 14/16), Winter Boots (kids’ size 2), Remote Control Truck [fav colour: blue] 
#193 – Boy – Winter Jacket & Snow Pants (youth size 14 or large), iPod, Scooter [fav colour: green] 
#201 – Boy – Athletic Clothes (men’s size small), Running Shoes (men’s size 8), Headphones, Bakugan toys [fav colour: red] 
#201 – Girl – Winter Boots (kid’s size 12), Doll House, Princess Tent with Lights, Princess Play Vanity & Stool set [fav colour: pink] 
#217 – Girl – Winter Jacket, Pants (kids size 8), Skates (kids size 13), Girly Toys (ages 7+) [fav colours: pink, purple] 
#271 – Girl – Girly Clothes (kid’s size XL), Hair Accessories, Barbie Accessories, LOL Dolls [fav colours: pink, purple] 
#271 – Boy – Long Johns, Underwear (kid’s size 7/8), Toque, Mittens, Scarf, Socks (kids size 1), Lego, Paw Patrol Toys [fav colour: red] 
#297 – Girl – Shoes (women’s size 10), Long Sleeve Shirt (women’s size XL), Crystals [fav colours: pink, black, red, blue] 
#305 – Girl – Clothes (kid’s size 14/16), Roblox Gift Card, Baby Yoda, Bath Bombs, Make-up, Nail Polish Toys [fav colours: blue, purple] 
#305 – Boy – Pyjama’s, Clothes (kid’s size 6), Musical Light-Up Toys 
#311 – Boy – Winter Clothes, Gloves, Toque (kids size 10), Monster Truck Toys [fav colour: green] 
#311 – Boy – Winter Clothes, Gloves, Toque (kids size 7), Monster Truck Toys [fav colour: blue] 
#313 – Boy – Hoodie, Socks, Underwear (kid’s size 6), Nerf Guns, Punching Bag [fav colour: blue] 
#313 – Boy – Hoodie, Socks, Underwear (kid’s size 5), Unicorn Stuffy, LOL Dolls, Surprise Barbie [fav colours: pink, purple] 
#314 – Girl – Clothes (kid’s size 5T), My Little Pony Toys, Colouring Book & Pencil Crayons [fav colour: pink]

#148 – Girl – Winter Boots (kids size 1), Winter Jacket, Mittens, Toque, Scarf, PJ’s (kids medium/large, 7/8), Barbies, Dolls, Frozen Toys, Arts & Crafts, Blanket (loves pink)
#148 – Boy – Winter Boots (kids’ size 12), Winter Jacket, Mittens, Toque, PJ’s (kids’ size 4T), Blocks, Cars, Marvel Toys, Blanket (loves blue)
#155 – Girl – Warm Clothes, Scarf (size 18-24 months), Educational Toys (age 1+), Baby Shark Sing-Along Toy (likes Pink/White/Gold/Turquoise) 
#217 – Boy – Onesies (size 12-18 months), Good Start Formula Stage 2, Diapers (size 5), Toys (ages 1+) 
#235 – Clothes (kid’s size 5T), Shoes (kid’s size 8), Pull-Ups (size 4T/5T), Wipes,  Educational Toys (ages 2+) [fav colour: red] 
#279 – Boy – Clothing (kids’ size 3T), Convertible Car Seat, Baby Bullet [fav colours: white, blue] 
#282 – Boy – Long Sleeve Shirt, Sweater (kids’ size 3T), Baby Hygiene Products, Education Toys (likes Elmo, cars) [fav colours: blue, green] 
#289 – Girl – Warm Clothing (size 12-18, 18-24 months), Sippy Cups, Sensory Toys, Baby Doll & Stroller, Toy Phone [fav colours: green, purple, blue] 
#289 – Boy – Clothing (kids size 3/4T), Cars/Construction Toys, Leap Frog LeapStart System Books/Sheets, Hot Wheels Cars that change colour in water [fav colours: blue, green, orange] 
#297 – Girl – Winter Jacket (kid’s size 5/6) Toy Cars [fav colour: pink] 
#297 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Pants (12-18 months), Toy Cars [fav colour: blue] 
#298 – Boy – Hoodie, Clothes (kid’s size 3T), Soccer Net & Ball [fav colour: blue] 
#298 – Boy – Clothes, Onesies (9-12 months), Learning Table [fav colour: blue] 
#305 – Girl – Pyjama’s, Clothes (kid’s size 5), Baby Dolls, Frozen Toys [fav colours: pink, purple, blue] 
#305 – Boy – Clothes (kid’s size 4T), Winter Boots (kid’s size 9), Toy Cars/Trucks [fav colours: blue, grey, black] 
#306 – Boy – Winter Shoes (kids size 2), Pyjama’s, Winter Jacket, Sweat suit, Boxers (kids’ size 7/8), Toque, Gloves, Monster Truck Toy, Cars Toys, Train Toys [fac colours: blue, green] 
#312 – Boy – Winter Jacket, Sweater, Gloves (kid’s size 4T/5T), Paw Patrol Toy, Single Sized Bed [fav colours: blue, red, purple, white] 
#313 – Boy – Hoodie, Socks, Training Underwear (kid’s size 2T), Train, Cars, Paw Patrol Toys [fav colours: yellow, blue, purple]

#148 – Winter Boots (women’s size 9), Winter Jacket, Cardigan (women’s size XL), Workout Gear, Makeup (likes the color green) 
#155 – Winter Boots (women’s size 7), Warm Clothes (women’s size medium) (likes Pink/White/Gold colors)  
#163 – Stroller (infant) 
#201 – Long Winter Jacket, Athletic Clothes, (women’s size XL), Electric Epilator/Razor [fav colours: black, purple]  
#217 – Pants, Sweaters (women’s size XL) [fav colour: blue]#230 – Professional Work Outfit (women size 3-4x), Running Shoes (women’s size 10), Makeup [fav colour: blue] 
#235 – Pants (women’s size XL), Shoes (women’s size 9), Indigo by Nest (perfume from Sephora) [ fav colour: red] 
#235 – Winter Clothes (women’s size large), Indoor Shoes (women’s size 7) [fav colours: blue, brown] 
#263 – Winter Boots, Socks (women’s size 9.5) [fav colour: blue]
#271 – Winter Jacket (women’s size 2X), Slippers (women’s size 9), Blender, Bath & Body Works 1000 Wishes [fav colours: black, gold] 
#279 – Winter Boots (women’s size 8.5), Perfume, Michael Kors or Fossil Watch [fav colours, blue, white, black]  
#281 – Winter Jacket, Sweaters (women’s size XXL), Slow Cooker [fav colour: green]  
#282 – Leggings (women’s size XL), Air Fryer, Perfume, Makeup [fav colour: pink] 
#282 – Leggings, Long Sweaters (women’s size XL), Hygiene Products, Make up, Candles [fav colour: pink]  
#285 – Pressure Cooker [fav colour: black] 
#294 – Clothes (women’s size XL), Underwear (women’s size large), Bra (size 38DD), Make-up, Perfume [fav colour: black] 
#289 – External Hard Drive, Micro SD Card, Night gown (women’s size XS/small), Boots (preferably flat, women’s size 7.5-8), Knee-High Socks (women’s size 7.5-8), Amazon Giftcard [fav colours: green, blue, purple] 
#296 – Winter Jacket (women’s size medium), Purse, Perfume, Makeup [fav colour: red] 
#297 – Winter Jacket, Long Sleeve Shirts, Leggings (women’s size small) [fav colours: black, purple] 
#298 – Hoodie, Clothing (women’s size small), Carpet for Living Room [fav colour: red] 
#305 – Sweater, Hoodie, Jeans (women’s size XL), Bath Products, Candles [fav colours: black, grey] 
#306 – Christmas Sweater, Tights (black, women’s size M/L) [fav colour: yellow] 
#311 – Winter Clothes (women’s size medium), Winter Boots (women’s size 9) [fav colour: blue] 
#312 – Winter Boots (women’s size 6), Gloves (women’s size medium), Watch, Baking Supplies [fav colour: pink] 
#313 – Hoodie, Long Sleeve Shirt (women’s size large), Socks (women’s size 8), Scrub Daddy Sponge [fav colour: black] 
#314 – Scarf, Makeup [fav colour: purple]

#148 – Winter Boots (men’s size 11), Sweaters (men’s size XL), Tools/Hardware Gear for doing housework (fav color is blue) 
#201 – Work Belt, Clip-on Adjustable Elastic Y-back Suspender Brace (men’s size medium), Work Boots (men’s size 9), Grooming/Shaving Kit [fav colour: dark grey]  
#217 – Winter Jackets, Jeans, Sweater/Pullover (men’s size medium, pant size 32), Winter Boots (men’s size 8) [fav colours: grey, black] 
#230 – Winter Jacket (men’s size medium), Blue Dress Pants (men’s size 36), Chess Set [fav colour: blue]   
#263 – Heavy Duty Winter Work Jacket (black, men’s size large), Winter Boots, Socks (men’s size 9) [fav colour: black] 
#271 – Sweater (men’s size XL), Work Boots (men’s size 9) [fav colour: grey] 
#279 – Winter Boots (men’s size 10.5), T-Shirts (men’s size medium), Watch [fav colours: white, blue] 
#282 – Dickies Pants (men’s size XL, pant 36), Converse (men’s size 10-10.5), Hygiene Products [fav colour: dark blue]  
#285 – Winter Jacket (men’s size large), Gardening Tools, Coffee Maker [fav colour: black] 
#289 – Hoodies, Jeans, Long Johns, Boxer Briefs, Warm Socks (men’s size XL, pants 36), Basketball Shoes, Ice Grips for shoes (men’s size 10.5-11) [fav colours: blue, black] 
#289 – Winter Jacket, Hoodies/Sweaters, Boxer Briefs (men’s size large), Winter Boots, Socks (men’s size 10.5), Gilette Razor Heads, After Shave, Bus Tickets [fav colour: blue] 
#289 – Winter Jacket, Hoodies, Gloves, Hat (men’s size XL-XXL), Long Johns, Jeans (men’s size 34-36), Winter Boots, Socks (men’s size 10-11), Allen Key Set, Drill Bit Set, Wrench Set, Luggage Set [fav colours: green, blue, black] 
#294 – (Dad) Steel Toed Boots (men’s size 9), Clothes (shirt size men’s large), Underwear (pant size men’s XL) [fav colour: black] 
#294 – (Adult Son) Winter Jacket, Clothing (men’s size XL), Winter Boots (men’s size 9) [fav colour: black] 
#296 – Winter Jacket (men’s size large), Cologne, Cell Phone (even gently used) [fav colour: blue] 
#297 – Winter Jacket, Shirt, Jogger-style Pants (men’s size large) [fav colours: blue, red, black] 
#298 – Pyjama’s, Clothing (men’s size large), Pillow [fav colour: blue] 
#314 – Shoes (men’s size 10), Gloves (men’s size XL), Toolbox [fav colour: red]

#102 – Walmart (for groceries), Gas Card 
#118 – Superstore (for groceries), Pedicure for Mom (NE area), Prepaid Visa for Mom (to purchase books on Dreame App) 
#132 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#139 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#142 – Safeway (for groceries) 
#148 – Superstore (for groceries), Massage for Mom (SE area) 
#155 – Walmart (for groceries)  
#156 – Walmart (for groceries) 
#163 – Walmart (for groceries) 
#164 – Walmart (for groceries) 
#171 – Walmart (for groceries) 
#179 – Walmart (for groceries) 
#181 – Safeway (for groceries) 
#193 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#201 – Superstore (for groceries)  
#217 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#225 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#230 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#235 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#257 – Superstore (for groceries)  
#263 – Superstore (for groceries)
#268 – Wal-Mart (for groceries)
#263 – Superstore (for groceries)
#271 – Superstore (for groceries)
#279 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#281 – Superstore (for groceries)
#282 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#285 – Superstore (for groceries)
#287 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#289 – Wal-Mart (for groceries), Nice Restaurant (for Mom & Dad date night)
#294 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#296 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#297 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#298 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#305 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#306 – Superstore (for groceries) 
#311 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#312 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#313 – Wal-Mart (for groceries) 
#314 – Superstore (for groceries)

#148 – Queen Sized Bedding (blue/green), Twin Sized Bedding (pink), Stainless Steel Pots & Pans, Kitchen Utensils, Cups, Plates, Towels (for 8 people) 
#155 – Queen Sized Bedding & Blanket (pink/white/gold), Crib Sheets (pink/white/gold/turquoise), Towels (for 2 people), Pots & Pans   
#171 – Wagon (for pulling autistic kids & groceries) 
#193 – Queen Sized Bedding & Blanket [fav colour: black], Towels (for 2 people), Plates, Frying Pan, Food Processor 
#201 – Three Twin Sized Comforter Blankets [kids’ fav colours: navy, red, pink], 4-Slice Toaster, Hand/Immersion Blender  
#217 – Queen Sized Bedding & Blanket [fav colours: grey, black, blue], Single Sized Bedding [fav colours: pink, purple], Pots & Pans, Kitchen Utensils 
#230 – Towels (for 8 people), Shower Curtain, Cutlery, Laundry & Cleaning Essential Supplies 
#263 – Towels (for 4 people), Plates, Cutlery  
#271 – Two Twin Sized Sheet Sets, Two Double Sized Sheet Sets, King Sized Sheet Set, Pots & Pans, Cutlery, Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Baskets, Hand Mixer, TV 
#279 – King Sized Bedding and Pillows [fav colours: blue, white, black], Blender, Bathroom Mats 
#282 – King Sized Bedding, Queen Sized Bedding, Toddler Bedding [fav colours: blue, green], Glasses, Cutlery, Tupperware, Candles, Humidifier, Brita Filters, Cleaning Supplies (especially Sensitive Laundry Detergent), Toddler Cups/Plates/Utensils, Vacuum, Mop   
#285 – Twin Sized Blanket, Queen Sized Blanket, King Sized Comforter, Large Pots & Pans, Oven Mitts  
#289 – Queen Sized Bedding (satin-feel preferably), Toddler Bed Waterproof Mattress Cover, Crib Sized Waterproof Mattress Cover, Forward-Facing Car Seat  
#294 – King Sized Bedding, Towels (for 6 people), Deep Fryer 
#296 – Large Wall Clock, Towels (for 5 people), Pots & Pans, Three Twin Sized Bedding (one pink, two blue), Double Sized Bedding 
#297 – King Sized Bedding, Towles (for 6 people), Pots & Pans 
#298 – Queen Sized Sheets, Single Sized Sheets, Crib Sheets (fav colour of everyone: blue), Pots & Pans 
#305 – Three Queen Sized Bedding (two Black/Grey, one Blue), Two Double Sized Bedding (one Blue/Purple, one Black/Grey), Twin Sized Bedding (pink/purple/blue), Towels (for 7 people), Pots & Pans, Dishes, Cutlery 
#306 – Double Sized Blanket (blue/green), Queen Sized Blanket (yellow), Cutlery, Cups, Pots, Kettle 
#311 – Two Single Bed Sized Sheets & Waterproof Mattress Covers (one blue, one green), King Sized  Sheets (blue), Curtain Rods & Curtains 
#312 – Pots & Pans, Mixer, Blender 
#313 – Three Twin Sized Bedding (one blue, one pink, one yellow/purple), Queen Sized Bedding (pink), Cups, Vacuum 
#314 – Pots & Pans, Queen Sized Bedding, Single Sized Bedding

#148 – Movie Passes (for 8 people) 
#155 – Crafting Projects/Kits (age 1+)  
#156 –DVD Player, Movies, Board Games, Big Puzzles, Craft Projects/Kits (ages 1+) 
#163 – Smart TV*** (gently used is ok) 
#164 – Crafting Projects/Kits (age 1+)  
#171 – Sesame Street Chutes & Ladders Board Game, Paw Patrol Movie 
#179 – Clue Junior Board Game 
#181 – Hungry Hungry Hippos board game 
#193 – Microphone 
#201 – Board Games (ages 4+), Painting Supplies, Ice Age movies, Tom & Jerry movies  
#217 – Board Games (ages 6+) 
#225 – Craft Projects/Kits (ages 1+) 
#230 – Movie Tickets 
#235 – Board Games, Family Movies (ages 2+) 
#263 – Board Games (ages 10+) 
#271 – Board Games (ages 6+), Craft Projects/Kits, Science Experiments, Playdough Set
#279 – Duplo blocks, Chess board, Interlocking Foam Mats for Children 
#281 – Monopoly 
#282 – Craft Kits/Projects (ages 2+)  
#285 – Movies (ages 12+) 
#289 – Boards games, Craft Kits/Projects (ages 3+), Telus Spark or Zoo passes (for 4 people) 
#294 – Zoo Passes (6 people) 
#297 – Kid’s Colouring Books, Pencil Crayons 
#298 – Kid’s Colouring Books, Board Games (ages 2+) 
#305 – Board Games (ages 2+) 
#306 – Zoo Passes (for 2 people) 
#311 – Remote Control Cars 
#312 – Zoo Passes (for 2 people) 
#313 – Cookie Decorating Kit, Sorry Board Game, Colouring Supplies 
#314 – Board Games (ages 4+)

#263 – Fiction Books for Mom, Educational Books for Teens 
#271 – Sports Biographies, Black Butler Manga, Barbie or LOL Doll books, Paw Patrol books 
#281 – True Story novels, books about Music (teen), Magazines (teen), Comics (teen) 
#285 – Pokémon Books, Scientist Books (Teen) 
#294 – Peppa Pig Books, Adult Romance Novels 
#296 – Comic Books (Teen), Amulet Manga series 
#297 – Children’s Books (ages 1-10) 
#298 – Adult Colouring Book, Children’s Books (ages 1-2) 
#305 – Adult Romance Books, Adult Scary/Horror Books, Adult Sports Books, Kids Anime Books, Children’s Books that make sounds 
#306 – Women’s Magazines, Baby Bedtime Storybook 
#311 – Minecraft Books, Early Reading Level Books (ages 7-10) 
#312 – Paw Patrol Books (ages 3+) 
#313 – The Sun and Her Flowers Book, Love You Forever Book, Barbie Books (ages 5+), Paw Patrol Books (ages 2+) 
#314 – Cookbook, Hunting Magazines, Learn to Write Book (tracing letters/numbers etc.), Hair/Makeup How-To Books

#148 – Halal Cookbooks, General Novels for Dad, Rupi Kaur Poetry, Comic Books, Early Learning Books e.g., numbers, colours), Princess Books, Colouring Books 
#155 – Young Adult Books, Autobiographies/Non-Fiction, Early Learning Books, Baby Shark Book  
#201 – Knitting/Crafting books, Biography or Political Science books, Teen/Young Adult Science Fiction, Halo comics, Frozen books, Learning to Read books (age 4+), Bedtime Stories book  
#217 – Children’s books 
#230 – The End of Mental Illness by Dr. Daniel G. Amen and other Dr. Daniel G. Amen books, Chess Strategy books, Cookbooks, Witchcraft/Spiritual books, Teen books & novels 
#235 – El Caballo de Troya 2: Masada by Juan José Benítez, Personal Development books *IN SPANISH*, Children’s books (ages 2+) 
#279 – I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, A Promised Land by Barack Obama, Baby Books (likes animals) 
#282 – Adult Psychology books, Children’s books (especially ones that make noises), Sports Magazines, Child Development books  
#289 – Photography books, Business/Finance books, Couples Workbooks, Adult Manga, Marvel/DC Comics, Punisher Comics, Adult Star Wars books, Children’s Sensory books

#179 – Cat Treats & Toys, Snake Bath 
#230 – Cat Toys & Treats  
#285 – Bird Toys & Treats 
#286 – Cat Toys & Treats 
#289 – Dog Toys & Treats (soft treats) 
#294 – Dog Toys 
#298 – Dog Toys & Treats 
#311 – Fish Treats 
#312 – Cat Toys & Treats 
#313 – Dog Toys & Treats

#155 – Artificial Christmas Tree & Decorations 
#163 – Artificial Christmas Tree & Decorations
#179 – Artificial Christmas Tree (pre-lit), Decorations
#181 – Artificial Tree & Decorations 
#225 – Christmas Lights 
#230 – Christmas Decorations  
#271 – Artificial Christmas Tree, Tree Decorations 
#279 – Christmas Lights  
#281 – Artificial Christmas Tree, Tree Decorations 
#285 – Outdoor Christmas Lights 
#289 – Christmas Lights & Decorations

We always need NEW Christmas decorations, trees, wrapping paper, ribbons, tags & tape! 


Can you fill a wish for a local family in-need this holiday season? 
* New Wishes will be added as families are referred
* Wishes that have a strikethrough have been committed to
* Wishes will be removed once all of the gifts for that family are received and packed up. 
* All Christmas Gifts must be new.
* All Gifts must be unwrapped.
* When dropping off a specific gift for a family, please indicate the family number. 
* Gifts can be dropped off during our OPEN HOURS
* For large donation drop-offs, or to make special arrangements, please email us***! It may be better to drop your gifts off to our Santa’s Workshop location. (a temporary space to allow for more distancing measures) 
*Charitable Tax Receipts are eligible with original store receipt / completed form (GST cannot be claimed). Forms can be filled in when gifts are dropped off at our Resource Centre.

No time to shop? You can donate financially online to support this program here:

A gigantic LOVE bomb to our amazing volunteers who are already working tirelessly to make sure every hamper is created with love and filled with the wishes requested!

We are so grateful knowing that every child we help will wake up on Christmas morning with gifts under the tree to open! ♥


Last year, we had 136 families referred to Made by Momma for our 2020 Christmas Programs. We were able to help 480 people (173 Adults & 307 Kids) THANK YOU to every sponsor and donor who made it possible to help them have a happier holiday. Every donation mattered and we truly appreciate them all!

(in 2019 we had 82 families referred) 

THANK YOU for your support!  ♥

Here is a note of appreciation from a family that you helped last year:

THANK YOU FOR THE BEST CHRISTMAS I HAVE EVER HAD. It took everything in me to hold off till Christmas to open the presents! It’s not something I have had any experience with, getting gifts that is. Your kind gesture has changed my life, now I know how it feels to be a recipient of good deeds and I have vowed that one day very soon I would I give too and make another family happy!”

THANK YOU Calgary for helping us support so many families this Christmas! Your gifts truly make a real impact on so many!

*** Christmas inquires can be emailed to adoptamomma @ madebymomma .org (NO SPACES) ***