Santa’s Workshop WishLists

THANK YOU to all of our amazing donors and supporters who shopped for family wishes this year! We had a record number of families referred and you helped us make sure they all received a little bit of Christmas Magic! 

A gigantic LOVE bomb to our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly – even on Christmas Eve – to make sure every hamper was created with love and filled with the wishes requested!

We are so grateful knowing that every child we helped woke up on Christmas morning with gifts under the tree to open!



This year, we had 136 families referred to Made by Momma for our 2020 Christmas Programs. We were able to help 480 people (173 Adults & 307 Kids) THANK YOU to every sponsor and donor who made it possible to help them have a happier holiday. Every donation mattered and we truly appreciate them all!
(in 2019 we had 82 families referred) 

THANK YOU for your support!  ♥

Here is a note of appreciation from a family that you helped last year:

THANK YOU FOR THE BEST CHRISTMAS I HAVE EVER HAD. It took everything in me to hold off till Christmas to open the presents! It’s not something I have had any experience with, getting gifts that is. Your kind gesture has changed my life, now I know how it feels to be a recipient of good deeds and I have vowed that one day very soon I would I give too and make another family happy!”

THANK YOU Calgary for helping us support so many families this Christmas! Your gifts truly make a real impact on so many!