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Chabby House 2017

Jeepers Creepers! If you’re looking for something haunting to do this Halloween, please head over to “Chabby House” and have a tour of an over 100 year old abandoned house that is shrouded with mystery due to a real life cold case investigation! Chabby House is located at 153 Bridlecrest Manor S.W. Calgary, Alberta.

Made by Momma is so thankful be their charity of choice this year!  Instead of charging an admission cost, Chabby House is collecting donations of most wanted items that we need to help the families using Made by Momma.  If you’d like to go on a haunt and visit the homestead of Lavinia Chabassol, the woman who mysteriously disappeared after a physical altercation in her own home (a.k.a Chabby House), we request that you bring any of the following:

Diapers (any size, open packages are ok as long as they are closed in a bag)
Wipes (unopened)
Mom and Baby Hygiene (Soap, Body Wash, Shampoos and Conditioners)
Non-Perishable food items for our #12CansTilChristmas food drive.

To learn more about Chabby House please visit their website or Facebook page!

Wishing you a creepy time as you wander through Chabby House, knowing you are supporting mothers and their young children as they face a situation of crisis in their lives.


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